whirlDOC Spintax Editor

Screenshot of whirlDOC spintax editor.

whirlDOC is a spintax editor and document spinner. Instead of relying only on spintax, whirlDOC extends the spintax concept to sentences and paragraphs. Spun documents are much more varied than using spintax to just change words and phrases. Source documents written with whirlDOC can be spun into dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of very different variations that can be used for many purposes, including search engine optimization, article marketing, and descriptions of a service or product.

Document spinners usually produce output that is meant for machine consumption. Words are often replaced by those with different meanings, making document variations nonsensical. One of whirlDOC’s strengths is producing variations that are grammatically correct and intended to be read by people.

Spintax for Words and Phrases

Example of how spintax is made from synonyms.

A standard method of text spinning is spintax, a term that is a combination of the words spin and syntax. The concept is simple. Some words in a document are designated as choices between synonyms. One of the synonyms is randomly chosen when the source document is spun into a document variation.

The graphic to the right illustrates the spintax idea. A sentence containing the word "huge" could use "big" or "large" while maintaining the same meaning. The spintax method for representing the choice between the three words is "{big|huge|large}". whirlDOC’s spintax editor hides this complexity by showing only one of the spintax synonyms in blue and underlined. It can be clicked to show the synonyms. This makes documents that would otherwise be cluttered with spintax as readable as documents without spintax.

It is easy to add, view, and change spintax with whirlDOC. When spinning document variations, spintax can be resolved by choosing synonyms at random or it can be retained in standard spintax form so the variations can be fed into third party applications that will handle the spintax.

Beyond Spintax to Sentences and Paragraphs

Creating sentence variants to alter document structure.

whirlDOC extends the spintax concept to alter the grammatical structure of a document. Variants of sentences and paragraphs are used much like spintax uses synonyms. Just like spintax randomly chooses a synonym, a sentence can be randomly chosen from a group of sentence variants or a paragraph from a group of paragraph variants.

Spintax is a low level method of varying documents. From a computer perspective, a document spun with spintax may be easily reduced to a canonical form that makes all variations look the same. From a human perspective, it can quickly become apparent that spintax merely changed words while keeping a document’s same structure This may cause people to skim or skip over text once they realize that only a few words have been altered. whirlDOC’s sentence and paragraph variants allow high level structural changes that produce truly different variations. These variations will not be detected by computers as being equivalent and not be dismissed by human readers as a trivial variation of what they have read before.

Thesauruses for Adding Spintax

How spintax words are stored in a thesaurus.

Spintax is easily added to documents in whirlDOC by using synonyms stored in thesauruses. With a click of a button, document text can be searched for phrases that appear in whirlDOC’s thesauruses so the phrases can be converted to spintax. whirlDOC comes with a built-in thesaurus that contains synonyms of common words. It allows much of a document’s words to be converted to spintax before new sets of synonyms need to be created.

When new synonym sets are made to add spintax to a document, the synonyms are put into a "user" thesaurus where they are available for adding spintax to future documents. This makes the user thesaurus adapt to the user’s language style, technical terms, slang, and jargon. The more documents that are edited, the easier it becomes to add spintax.

whirlDOC Features

  • whirlDOC makes it easy to add spintax to a document and select synomyms for the spintax.
  • For documents meant to be used for article marketing where perfect grammatical correctness is not needed, spintax can be added to an entire document with the auto magic function. This automatically adds as much spintax as possible without user selection of synonyms.
  • Spintax is hidden so only one phrase is visible, making spintax laden sentences easy to read. Clicking on a spintax segment loads its phrases into an editing panel, where the phrases can be viewed and changed.
  • Spintax segments that use the same set of phrases are linked together, so changes to multiple spintax segments can be made at the same time.
  • With a click of a button, a document variation is spun and displayed in a test pane where it can be checked for grammar mistakes from spintax or copied and pasted to another application.
  • Documents are structured as sets of sentence and paragraph variants. Variants are randomly chosen during document spinning.
  • Groups of sentence variants can be set so variant is chosen from its group or a group’s variants are rearranged. The same can be done for groups of paragraph variants.
  • Document variations can be spun one at a time or in bulk. The resulting files may be compressed into a ZIP file to make the files easily portable.
  • Document variations can retain their spintax so they can be fed into third party applications that use spintax.
  • In addition to retaining spintax when spinning a document, groups of sentence and paragraph variants can create large spintax segments so the variants are retained for use by third party applications.
  • Plain text files, with or without spintax, can be converted to whirlDOC documents by importing them.
  • HTML files can be imported from local files or directly from the web.
  • Sections of the document can be folded to a single line to make long documents with lots of sentence and paragraph variants more manageable. Folded sections are protected from spintax editing functions, providing an easy way to work on a small section of a document.
  • whirlDOC comes with a built-in "master" thesaurus that provides common sets of words for adding spintax to documents.
  • The "master" thesaurus is expanded by adding words and phrases used in spintax to a "user" thesaurus. This makes the application adapt to a user’s writing style and specific language needs, like technical jargon and slang.
  • whirlDOC’s thesaurus editor can view and edit its "user" thesaurus. The "master" thesaurus can be viewed with the editor.
  • Thesaurus files may be exported and imported so thesauruses can be exchanged between users. Imported thesauruses can be merged with the existing "user" thesaurus or replace it.

Download a Free Trial Version

A 30 day trial version is available for download

Download a trial version of whirlDOC for free. This version is fully functional and will operate for thirty days. After evaluating whirlDOC, please purchase a registered version. Purchase comes with free software updates for a year. See our purchase page for details.

Improving whirlDOC

If you have suggestions for improving whirlDOC or have encountered a problem then we would like to hear from you. Use our contact page to send us your ideas. We will do our best to incorporate your suggestions in our monthly software update.