What Is Spintax?

Document spinning is a term for producing variations of a source document. A basic technique for spinning is spintax, which replaces text with alternate text. The hope is that if enough text is changed then the variations produced will be seen as unique content……MORE

Spintax Is Not Enough

The goal of document spinning is to produce variations of a document. This is usually done with spintax. If the spinning is done well then a variation should be different enough from other variations that it is not evident they all come from the same source document. While such variations can be used for marketing ad copy and descriptions of a product, company, or web site, they are most often used for search engine optimization (SEO). A big concern for SEO use is whether the variations will be seen as unique content. Because of this there are serious problems with using just spintax for document spinning…MORE

Writing Variants

The solution for spintax’s shortcomings is to alter a document not just at the word level with spintax but also at the structural level with sentence and paragraph variants. Each variant maintains the approximate meaning of its sentence or paragraph, so they work the same as synonyms in spintax. One is chosen at random from a set of variants. Spinning a document at both levels can produce variations with complex changes that go far beyond using spintax alone. This article presents techniques for writing variants…MORE