Advanced Attributes

Advanced Techniques: Document Attributes

Random Sentence Order

Document attributes control how an element’s children are selected and combined. For example, a line group usually chooses one of its lines at random and a paragraph usually combines lines selected by its line groups into one long line with spaces between the selected lines. When a line is clicked on, the attributes of the line, the line’s line group, the line group’s paragraph, and so on are loaded into the attribute panels on the bottom left of the editor where they can be changed.

Element attributes are explained in the document format chapter. This section demonstrates how an attribute can be changed to handle sentences that can be reordered without changing a paragraph’s meaning. The example paragraph used contains the following two sentences.

The doors and windows proved vulnerable.
Food and water ran low.

The following steps show how two line groups can be combined into a single line group then how its selection policy can be changed to randomly reorder its lines instead of selecting one line at random.

Steps to change element attributes

Note that the small arrow below an element icon in the editor reflects the element’s select mode. Arrows are hollow for "choose", orange for "order", and solid black for "sequence". This gives a visual cue so the select mode of elements can be seen without clicking them to load the attribute panels. In the steps above the arrow for the line group changes to orange when the select mode is changed.