Advanced Spinning

Advanced Techniques: Spinning

HTML Compatibility

Document settings and the advanced tab of the "Whirl" dialog can be used to make spun variations more compatible with HTML. Paragraphs can be put into HTML "P" tags and characters that have a special meaning in HTML can be translated to HTML character codes. This example demonstrates this using the "Whirl" dialog’s advanced tab, which is depicted below.

Spinning dialog, advanced tab

The options on the tab mirror the document settings. When the "Whirl" dialog is popped up, the tab’s options are populated from the document’s settings, so if the tab’s settings are not changed then spinning will use the document’s settings. Changing the advanced tab’s options does not change the document’s settings.

The options are broken into two sections, one for character codes and one for paragraph style.

The character codes section is for characters that are used for special purposes in HTML. The characters are double quotes, ampersands, less than symbols, and greater than symbols. Checking an option will cause characters to be outputted with an HTML code rather than the original character. For example, the "QUOT" option will cause double quotes to be outputted as """.

The paragraph style section selects between plain text paragraphs and HTML style paragraphs. Plain text uses a blank line between paragraphs. HTML style encloses paragraphs in HTML "P" tags.

The simple document below is used for the example. It has two paragraphs that use special HTML characters. The example will use the advanced tab shown above, which has all character codes checked and HTML style paragraphs selected.

Spinning with HTML compatibility example

The output from spinning follows. All the character codes selected have been translated to HTML codes and the two paragraphs are wrapped in "P" tags.

<p>He said, &quot;Ben &amp; Jerry's ice cream is good.&quot;</p>
<p>1 + 2 &lt; 9 &gt; 5</p>