Advanced Variants

Advanced Techniques: Variants

Variant Paragraphs

The introductory tutorial used sentence variants, but paragraph variants can be used as well to produce even more structural variation. Paragraph variants can introduce ideas in a different order or include different amounts of information and detail. One paragraph variant could have six sentences and another three. If this is done with most of a document’s paragraphs then document variations will appear very different from one another.

As a simple example, consider the following paragraph.

Document paragraph without variants

Below, a variant for the paragraph has been created. It has five sentences instead of three and a bit of extra detail has been added. The next step would be to add sentence variants.

Paragraph with a variant

Optional Sentences

A blank line in a line group makes the line group capable of resolving to nothing. This can be used to randomly leave sentences out of document variations. This is shown in the steps below.

Steps for optional sentences

The two possible document variations that can be generated for the document are shown in the following test panes.

Test of optional sentences