Application Preferences

Application Preferences

The application preferences control miscellaneous options for whirlDOC. The dialog to change preferences is popped up with the "Preferences…" item in the application’s "File" drop down menu. A tab near the top of the dialog switches between groups of preferences. To use the dialog, tab between groups, select the preferences to change, and click "Apply" to save the preferences.

General Preferences

The dialog showing the general preferences is displayed below. Text size is the only preference. The "Larger" option changes the text size throughout the whirlDOC to a size that is more suitable for high resolution displays. A change in text size does not take effect immediately. It will be done the next time whirlDOC is run.

General preferences dialog

HTML Document Settings

The dialog for default HTML document settings is portrayed by the following image. HTML settings control HTML compatibility when spinning documents. Refer to the document settings page for a full explanation of the settings.

HTML preferences dialog

When a new document is created, its document settings will initially be set to the default values in the application preferences. When most documents need to have the same settings, the preferences provide a way to ensure new documents have those settings.

Keyword Document Settings

Just like the HTML preferences, the keyword preferences are default settings given to new documents. A document’s keywords are used by the keyword density tool, which calculates the percentage of keywords in the average spun document variation.

The keywords preference panel of the dialog is portrayed below. To use the dialog, enter each keyword in a text field. Keywords can be single words or multiple word phrases.

Keywords preferences dialog

It is often useful to know the percentage of variants of a word rather than the percentage of a specific word. Variants of a keyword are supported. To enter variants click the "Variants" button next to a text field. The dialog shown below will appear. Type one variant per line then click "Apply".

Keyword variants preference dialog