Changing Attributes

Changing Element Attributes

Document elements, like paragraphs and line groups, have attributes that determine how child elements are selected and combined. This is fully explained in the page about element attributes. The attribute panels on the left side of the editor allow attributes to be changed.

Clicking on a line in the document will load the line’s attributes into the line attribute panel, the line’s parent line group will have its attributes loaded into the line group attribute panel, and so on for the paragraph and paragraph group panels.

Element types have default attributes that suit the elements’ typical use. For example, line groups default to selecting one line at random and paragraphs default to combining lines into one block of text. Changing attributes can be tricky, so testing should be done to make sure the changes work as intended.

Changing the Combine Mode

An element’s combine mode determines how its child elements are combined when spinning a document variation. Children can be left as blocks of text, each consisting of a single line, or combined into one block of text by putting a space between the children. When writing a document variation as plain text, separate blocks of text will be written with a blank line separating them. Document settings can be changed to wrap the blocks in HTML "P" tags instead.

The example below shows a small paragraph and how the two possible combine modes combine its line groups.

Changing combine mode

Changing the Select Mode

An element’s select mode determines how its child elements are selected. One can be selected at random, all can be selected in random order, or all can be selected in normal order. The following graphic shows a line group and how the three possible selection modes are spun.

Changing select mode

Element Icons and Select Mode

An element’s select mode is indicated by its icon’s arrow, which makes it easy to see the select mode without clicking on the element to view its attribute panel. A mode of "choose" is indicated with a hollow arrow, a solid orange arrow indicates "order", and a solid black arrow is used for "sequence". The graphic below illustrates this.

Icons change with select modes