Editor Interface

The Editor Interface

Overview and Features

whirlDOC is a full featured editor designed for varying documents at the word and structural levels. Word variation is done with spintax while structural variation is done with sentence and paragraph variants that are chosen at random or reordered when spinning document variations. Documents can be created in the editor from scratch or plain text can be imported to serve as the beginning of a document. Sentence and paragraph variants can be made by cloning existing sentences and paragraphs. Spintax is displayed in an easy to read form and can be created by converting words and phrases to spintax using whirlDOC’s thesauruses. Spintax can also be created by entering new sets of phrase choices, which are then added to the editor’s thesauruses where they are available for adding spintax to future documents. Element attributes, which control how structural variants are selected and combined, can be changed. While editing, documents can be tested to check for grammar problems.

The Editor Interface

Below is a reduced size screenshot of the editor that shows a document being edited. It has a tool bar at the top and a status bar at the bottom. The document is displayed on the editor’s right side. That part of the editor is used for editing text and testing the document. The editor’s left side has a spintax panel at its top for viewing, creating, and changing spintax. Below the spintax panel is a series of attribute panels for modifying element attributes.

Spintax editor interface

Expanding the Display

Normally the editor display is split between the left and right sides. The right side’s document text area can be expanded to take up the entire display, hiding the left side’s spintax and attribute panels. This can be useful when working with long sentences.

Split and expanded display

The image above shows the split and expanded display formats. Switching is done with options on the "Display" drop down menu or the buttons at the left end of the application’s tool bar.

The Tool Bar

At the top of the interface, just below the application’s drop down menus, is the tool bar. All of the tools on the bar have an item in one of the drop down menus. Many have shortcut keys, which can be seen by looking at the drop downs. The buttons on the tool bar are labeled in the graphic below. Full explanations for the tools are given later.

Spintax Editor tool bar

The Status Bar

The status bar at the bottom of the interface is used to display results of various operations. For example, clicking the "Find Phrases" button highlights phrases in the document that appear in the spintax panel. The number of phrases it finds is put in the status bar. The status bar also shows additional information, like whether the software is the free trial version or the registered version, and the maximum number of document characters.

Maximum Characters

The maximum characters that can result from spinning the document is displayed on the right side of the status bar. The maximum number for the paragraph the cursor is on is also displayed. These maximums are calculated by assuming spinning chooses the longest variants and longest spintax phrases. When spinning a document with many variants and many spintax segments, the chance of a variation being the maximum length is extremely low because the chance that all the longest variants and spintax will be chosen is extremely low. The document statistics tool shows the mean characters and the standard deviation, which may give a better idea of the number of characters that are likely to result from spinning.

Maximum characters display

The Error Log Indicator

When whirlDOC detects an internal error, the application saves a log file that can be used by Creative Adept, the makers of whirlDOC, to analyze what caused the problem. When an error log is available the status bar will display a small "E" graphic. This is demonstrated by the following picture.

Error indicator on status bar

If the error log indicator is shown then Creative Adept would be grateful if it was notified. Use the "Contact Us" page at Creative Adept’s web site (creativeadept.com). Instructions will be given for sending the error log, which can be obtained with the "Copy Log" tool.