Intro Tutorial, Part 2

Introductory Tutorial, Part 2

Step 3: Add Spintax

Adding spintax is best done as the last step in the creation of whirlDOC documents. With all the text entered and variants created, the same words and phrases can be converted to spintax at once, wherever they appear in a document. Adding more text would require words or phrases that were previously made into spintax to be found in the new text and converted.

The addition of spintax is done in two phases. The first is to search the document for words and phrases contained in a phrase set in one of whirlDOC’s thesauruses. These phrases are easily found and converted to spintax with the "Magic Find" tool. When no more thesaurus phrases can be found with "Magic Find", the second phase is to add spintax by making new phrase sets, which are added to whirlDOC’s thesauruses so they can be used by "Magic Find" for future documents.

There is a second option for adding spintax to a document that is not demonstrated in this tutorial. The "Auto Magic" function automatically adds spintax to a document without user intervention. It searches whirlDOC’s thesauruses for text that appears in the document then converts the text to spintax. Basically it repeatedly uses the "Magic Find" described below until no more text can be found to convert to spintax. This may not produce grammatically correct sentences since in English the same word can have multiple definitions. For uses where grammatical correctness is not needed, like article marketing meant for search engines, "Auto Magic" is an easy way to add spintax to an entire document.

Using Magic Find

The "Magic Find" tool searches three thesauruses, the built-in "master" thesaurus that contains a large number of common words and phrases, the "user" thesaurus that contains words and phrases that were made into spintax for previous documents, and the "document" thesaurus that contains phrase sets for the document’s spintax segments. Each time the "Magic Find" button is clicked a new phrase set in one of the thesauruses will be found and phrases in the document will be highlighted. Clicking the "Create Spintax" will convert the highlighted phrases to spintax, which will randomly select one of phrase set’s phrases when spinning the document.

Use of "Magic Find" is done as a cycle. The button is clicked. A phrase set is found and its phrases in the document are highlighted. The phrase set is edited or accepted as is. Highlighted phrases that should not be converted to spintax are clicked to remove unneeded highlights. Finally, "Create Spintax" is clicked to change the highlights to spintax. The cycle is then repeated until "Magic Find" cannot find any more phrases in the document to convert.

Note that the following uses of "Magic Find" assume the user thesaurus is empty, the same state it is in when whirlDOC is first installed. The results of "Magic Find" may be different if documents were created before doing the tutorial. The user thesaurus can be emptied with the reset user thesaurus option under the application’s "Thesaurus" drop down menu.

Simple Use of Magic Find

At its simplest, using "Magic Find" is just clicking the "Magic Find" button then clicking "Create Spintax" to convert the highlighted phrases to spintax. This accepts the found phrase set as is without any changes. This simple use is demonstrated by the steps below that add the first spintax.

Steps to use magic find

The steps show the "Magic Find" button being clicked, words being highlighted in the document, and the "Create Spintax" used to change the highlighted words to spintax. The spintax is shown in red instead of blue to mark it as using the phrase set that is currently in the spintax panel. Use of "Magic Find" is this easy if the phrase set found is suitable without changes.

Note that "Magic Find" will first check the contents of the spintax panel before searching thesauruses. If selecting text while creating variant sentences left text in the spintax panel then it should be cleared with the "Clear Panel" button. This is not normally needed for use of "Magic Find" but for this first use during the tutorial, we want it to operate without regard to what is in the panel.

Magic Find: Replacing Phrases

Often the phrase set found by "Magic Find" is not suitable without changes, so the spintax panel needs to be edited. This next use of "Magic Find" demonstrates a phrase being replaced. The phrase set "{fetch|retrieve}" is found for the word "fetch". The word "draw," as in "draw water from a well," fits the nursery rhyme much better than "retrieve"..

Magic find steps: Replace phrases

This set of steps illustrates a quirk in how whirlDOC displays spintax in the document. Spintax is represented by one of the phrases in the spintax’s phrase set. It may not be the original document phrase that was converted. In the steps above, the phrase "fetch" is converted to spintax that is represented by the word "draw".

Add More Spintax

This next step shows another phrase set accepted without editing it. Again, just like the previous step, the spintax displayed uses a word from the phrase set that is different than the one found originally.

Magic find steps: Add more spintax

Magic Find: Removing Phrases

Just as a found phrase set may have phrases that need to be changed, there may be unneeded phrases. This next step shows two phrases being removed before converting highlights to spintax.

Magic find steps: Remove phrases

Magic Find: The Matching Drop Down

Sometimes the phrase set found by "Magic Find" has a different meaning than what is needed. In the following steps a phrase set containing synonyms of "poor" is found for the word "broke". The matching phrase drop down at the bottom of the spintax panel lists other phrase sets that contain one of the phrases in the panel. The drop down is loaded with a phrase set with synonyms of "busted", which fits the meaning of "broke" that is needed. Selecting this phrase set puts it into the spintax panel. The "Create Spintax" button is then used to convert the highlighted phrases to spintax that uses it rather than the phrase set that was originally found.

Steps to use matching drop down

Magic Find: Last Magic Find Spintax

The last use of "Magic Find" produces another phrase set that would be more suitable with some phrases removed.

Magic find steps: Add more spintax