Modifying Spintax

Modifying Spintax

Changing the phrases used by spintax segments is easy but there is an important concept that has to be kept in mind: Multiple spintax segments can use the same phrase set, so changing the phrase set for one spintax segment may affect other spintax segments. Which spintax segments are linked together by a phrase set can be seen by clicking on a spintax segment.

Clicking on Spintax

Putting the mouse pointer on a spintax segment and clicking the mouse will load the spintax’s phrase set into the spintax panel. The spintax segment will be marked by changing its color from blue to red. Left clicking will mark all segments that use the same phrase set. Right clicking will only mark the segment clicked. After clicking, the spintax panel can then be edited, which will change the phrases for all spintax segments that use the phrase set, even if they are not marked. The graphic below demonstrates the process of left clicking on spintax.

Steps to click on spintax

Left and Right Clicking

The following graphics illustrate how left and right clicking is used to mark spintax segments and remove the marks from segments. The first graphic shows marking. A document with two spintax segments is shown in the section one. The results of left clicking is shown in section two. After clicking a spintax segment, all spintax segments that use the same phrase set are marked. Section three shows right clicking, which only marks the segment clicked.

Clicking to mark spintax

The following image demonstrates how clicking is used to remove marks from spintax. Section one portrays a document with three marked spintax segments. Section two shows how left clicking a marked spintax segment removes the mark from the segment clicked. Right clicking is portrayed in section three, which shows how marks are removed from all spintax segments except the one clicked.

Clicking to unmark spintax

Adding New Phrases

After a spintax segment is clicked and its phrase set is loaded into the spintax panel, the phrase set may be edited. Changes to the phrase set will change all spintax segments that use the phrase set and will take effect immediately. There is no need save the changes. The following picture shows a step-by-step procedure for changing spintax phrases.

Steps to change spintax

When phrase changes are made it is often useful to use the "Find Phrases" button to find phrases in the document that match phrases in the panel. For example, suppose a new phrase is added. Using the "Find Phrases" tool will highlight places in the document where the new phrase is used. The "Create Spintax" button can then be used to convert the highlights to spintax.

The matching phrase drop down list will change as the spintax panel is edited. The phrase sets shown in the list are taken from the thesauruses and will have one or more phrases contained in the panel. Selecting a phrase set in the matching drop down does not change the marked spintax’s phrase set, but the list can be examined for ideas about other phrases that could be added to the spintax’s phrase set.

Deleting Spintax

Spintax segments can be removed or converted to plain text. Spintax can be completely removed with the backspace key just like normal text. Large sections of the document that include spintax can also be selected with the mouse then deleted by cutting the section.

Conversion of spintax to plain text is accomplished with the "Delete Spintax" button on the spintax panel. This button converts marked spintax to plain text. Right clicking will mark the segment clicked. Left clicking will mark all segments using the same phrase set, and segments that do not need to be deleted can then be left clicked to unmark them. After marking the desired spintax segments, the "Delete Spintax" button is used to convert the marked segments to plain text. Spintax within folded sections of the document will not be converted.

The graphic below demonstrates deletion.

Steps to delete spintax