Quick Tutorial, Part 2

Quick Start Tutorial, Part 2

Add Spintax

The last step is converting words and phrases to spintax. This is done by replacing words and phrases with sets of alternative words and phrases. These sets, which whirlDOC refers to as phrase sets, contains synonyms that can be substituted for one another. One synonym is chosen at random when spinning a document variation.

This tutorial demonstrates adding spintax with user control over the spintax’s synonyms. This allows the user to ensure the grammatical correctness of a document’s spintax. For some uses perfect correctness is not needed. This can be true for spinning documents meant for search engines instead of humans. The "Auto Magic" function can be used to search whirlDOC’s thesauruses and automatically add as much spintax as possible to a document.

Although adding spintax can be done at any time, doing it after variants are created takes advantage of whirlDOC’s capability to convert the same word (or phrase) that appears many places in a document to spintax at once. Since variants typically use many of the same words and phrases, adding spintax after variants allows spintax to be added to the original text and variants simultaneously, lessening the amount of time it takes to add spintax.

The Magic Find Tool

A starting point for adding spintax is the "Magic Find" tool, which searches the document for text contained in a phrase set from whirlDOC’s thesauruses. The phrase set is loaded in the spintax panel. Occurrences of the phrase in the document are highlighted so they can be converted to spintax with the "Create Spintax" button.

Several collections of phrase sets are kept by whirlDOC. These are called thesauruses. The built-in "master" thesaurus contains a large number phrase sets of common words and terms, so much of a document can be converted to spintax with "Magic Find" before making new phrase sets. As spintax is added to documents, phrase sets are added to whirlDOC’s "user" thesaurus. This thesaurus is empty when whirlDOC is installed and as phrase sets are added it becomes adapted to the user’s writing style. Documents contain a "document" thesaurus, which contains phrase sets used by the document’s spintax. The "Magic Find" tool searches these thesauruses for text in the document that can be converted to spintax .

The steps below show how the word "old" can be turned into spintax with the "Magic Find" button.

Steps to use magic find

One quirk of how whirlDOC represents spintax is demonstrated. One phrase from the spintax’s phrase set is chosen to represent the spintax. It might not be the original phrase. In the steps above, the word "old" is converted to spintax represented by "aged".

A key concept of whirlDOC is that multiple spintax segments can use the same phrase set. All segments, even though they are scattered throughout a document, can be changed at once by changing their phrase set. This can be done by clicking on a spintax segment, which will load its phrase set into the spintax panel where it can be edited.

Changing a Magic Find Phrase Set

Often when "Magic Find" finds a phrase set it not suitable for use without changes. The following steps demonstrate how a found phrase set contains an unwanted phrase and how the spintax panel can be edited before converting text to spintax.

Steps to change magic phrase set

The Matching Drop Down

The matching phrase set drop down at the bottom of the spintax panel contains phrase sets from the thesauruses that match a phrase in the panel. Often when "Magic Find" finds a phrase set, there are other phrase sets that contain one of the found phrase set’s phrases. Usually these are phrase sets that have different meanings. For example, there might be two phrase sets containing the word "broke", one for synonyms of "poor" and another for synonyms of "busted". These matching phrase sets are put into the matching drop down, where they can be selected to create spintax.

The steps below demonstrate this. For the text "soul", "Magic Find" finds the phrase set "{spirit|soul}". The thesauruses contain another phrase set that includes the word "spirit", so that phrase set is put in the matching drop down. For illustrative purposes we will use that phrase set. The steps select the drop down phrase set then use it to create spintax instead of the phrase set originally found by "Magic Find".

Steps to use matching drop down

An important point about the above steps is that the phrase set selected in the matching drop down does not contain the word "soul", the text that was found and highlighted in the document by "Magic Find". "Create Spintax" converts highlighted text to spintax if it matches one of the phrases in the spintax panel. The word "soul" is added to the panel after the phrase set is chosen so "Create Spintax" will convert the highlighted text.