Purchase whirlDOC Spintax Editor


After evaluating the trial version of whirlDOC, please purchase a registered copy if you find it useful. Registration comes with free software updates for a year. We encourage suggestions so functionality added to updates will make whirlDOC better suit your needs and the needs of others.

Click the "Buy Now" button above to be taken to our payment processor, BMT Micro, which has been in the business of software purchase fulfillment since 1992. BMT ensures transactions are secure. All major payment methods are supported, including credit card, PayPal, Amazon Payments, check, money order, and wire transfer.

Credit cards accepted


Seats Price/Copy
1 – 2 $40.00
3 – 4 $35.00
5 – 6 $32.50
7 – 8 $30.00
9 – 10 $27.50
11+ $25.00

The Purchase Process

Purchase spintax editor, step 1

The registered version of whirlDOC is a downloadable file that will install the application. This is more eco-friendly than boxed software. Since software under active development is ever evolving, a downloadable distribution method allows easy updates.

Clicking the "Buy Now" button on this page will take you to an order form at BMT Micro. Fill in the buyer information. Be sure to use a valid email address. If you have a discount code then type it into the appropriate box.

After completing the purchase, a confirmation email that contains information about how to download the application will be sent. Please save the email so the links contained in it can be used to download future updates.

Purchase spintax editor, step 2

The confirmation email will contain a link to download an setup program that will install the registered version of whirlDOC. This link will remain valid for a year and is also used to download software updates.

Click the link to log in and start downloading the file. Select a location to save the file where it will be easy to find, like the desktop. After the download completes, double click the file to install it. If the trial version of whirlDOC is already installed then the registered version will be installed over the top of it. After installation is complete, the downloaded file can be deleted.

If you are purchasing multiple copies of whirlDOC then the downloaded file can be used to install the application on the other computers. The installation file can also be downloaded to other computers using the link in the email.

The Update Process

Updating the spintax editor

Periodically Creative Adept will release software updates. When an update is available, notification that a new update is read for download will be sent to the email address entered in purchase form. Use the link in the original purchase confirmation email to log in to the download server, download the new file, and install it just like the registered version was installed.

What If There Are Problems?

If problems are encountered while downloading or installing the registered version of whirlDOC then please do not hesitate to contact us using the form on our contact page.