whirlDOC Spintax Editor Screenshots

Spintax Editor

Below is a screenshot of whirlDOC’s spintax editor. On the right side is a large document being edited. The choices for words (or phrases) in spintax segments are hidden by displaying one of each segment’s words (or phrases) in blue. This makes the document much easy to read than having spintax expanded to show all choices.

whirlDOC spintax editor screenshot

The screenshot shows the hierarchical structure of a whirlDOC document. Paragraph groups contain paragraphs, which contain line groups, which contain lines, which contain plain text and spintax. By default, document spinning generates variations by each paragraph group selecting one of its paragraphs at random. A paragraph’s line groups select one of their lines at random, and the selected lines are combined into a final paragraph. Spintax is resolved by choosing one word from each spintax segment’s set of word choices.

On the upper left of the editor is the spintax panel, which is used for displaying, creating, and editing spintax. On the lower left are a series of panels for changing attributes that control how elements, like paragraphs and line groups, select and combine their child elements. For example, a line group defaults to choosing one of its lines at random when spinning a document variation. Attributes can be changed so a line group selects all its lines but puts them in random order.

The following screenshot shows how clicking on a spintax segment puts the spintax’s words into the spintax panel where they can be edited. All spintax segments that use the same set of words are marked in red. Editing the set of words changes all spintax segments that use the set. This makes it simple to change multiple spintax segments scattered throughout a document.

The editor supports folding, which allows document elements to be collapsed to a single representative line. This can make long documents with lots of sentence variants easier to work with. The yellow section in the screenshot is a folded line group.

Clicking on a spintax segment

Thesaurus Editor

whirlDOC includes a thesaurus editor. Thesauruses are collections of phrase sets used to create spintax. A built-in master thesaurus helps convert common words to spintax. When new phrase sets are created to add spintax to a document, they are added to a user thesaurus for use in adding spintax to future documents. This makes the user thesaurus adapt to a user’s language style, slang, and jargon.

Thesaurus editor screenshot

Adding Spintax to a Document

Adding spintax to a document can be done with four easy steps. 1) Selecting a word or phrase with the mouse puts it into the spintax panel on the upper left. 2) Additional words can be entered into the panel by selecting more text or directly typing into the panel.

Adding spintax to a document, step 1 Addding spintax to a document, step 2

3) Clicking the "Find Phrases" button highlights text in the document that appears in the spintax panel. 4) The "Create Spintax" button can then be used to convert highlights to spintax.

Addding spintax to a document, step 3 Adding spintax to a document, step 4

The "Magic Find" offers an even simpler way of adding spintax. It highlights text in the document by searching whirlDOC’s built-in master thesaurus and user thesaurus, which is built from spintax added to previous documents. The "Create Spintax" button will then convert the highlights.

Testing a Document

Before generating document variations in bulk, testing can be done by spinning a sample document variation in the test pane where it can be examined or copied for pasting into other applications.

Document variations can have spintax resolved or retained so it can be resolved by third party applications. In addition to retaining spintax, the document structure of sentence and paragraph variants can be converted to large blocks of nested spintax.

Testing, resolve spintax Testing, retain spintax Testing, add structural spintax